A Guide to Vietnam’s Reunification Day

Monday - 01/05/2017 00:57
Does the 30th of April ring any bell to you? What do Vietnamese people celebrate on this day and what do they do? Find out from A to Z about this special day with our article below.

If you are in Vietnam throughout April, it is important to know what the 30th of April is for many reasons. First of all, if you happen to be working in Vietnam, congratulations, you’ll get a day-off on this day and the day after that (International Labor Day). Second of all, if you are just planning your trip to Vietnam on this day, you might want to quick way ahead of time or skip this period because the crowd of people you will see at popular touristy spots will astonish you.  

April 30th has a very interesting name and an even more interesting historical background; it is called Vietnam’s Reunification Day. To any country, Independence Day is an important historical, political or cultural event associated with its current status. Vietnam, in particular, has another day when we celebrate, not only the liberation of the South from American troops, but a day when Vietnam’s two major regions (the North and the South) were reunited together under one government. April 30th, 1975 is the day that marks the fall of Saigon government, ending the Vietnam War and leading to the liberation of Vietnam’s southern part. Every year since, the country celebrates this day as a commemoration to the reunification between the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the North and the Republic of Vietnam in the South into the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as we know today.

So how do Vietnamese celebrate this special day this year? Considering the significance in meaning and the length of the holiday, Vietnamese families will often plan trips to travel. Major economic and touristic cities try their best to accommodate demands of recreations among the population as well as foreign travellers.

The coastal central city of Danang will welcome the Vietnam’s Reunification Day in spectacular style with dazzling displays of fireworks of eight teams from Switzerland, Japan, China, the UK, Italy, Australia, Austria and Vietnam.

Sapa, one of the best destinations for 2017 announced that a summer festival would open on April 29 featuring a bevy of activities including a flower festival, music and dance performances, folk games of the Mong Ethnic Group and a photography exhibition to name only a few. 

Quang Ninh Province will sponsor a cultural tourism week from April 28-May 5 in the cities of Halong and Mong Cai showcasing cultural and art performances along with a wide array of food and drink events. The highlight of the festival is a traditional boat race set for April 30 on the Nhat Le River.

The seventh Hue Traditional Craft Festival will take place April 28-May 2 in Thua Thien-Hue Province, which will also include events celebrating food and drink, film screenings and hot air ballooning.

Lastly, Ho Chi Minh City officials have announced the City will hold firework exhibitions in four venues for fifteen minutes beginning at 9pm on April 30 to celebrate Reunification Day.

In addition, over a week prior to April 30, streets in big cities like Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City are decorated with popping colorful banners, flags and neon lights. A big area of many cities are saved to be a place for parade, or the stage for a national live show.
When Vietnam’s Reunification Day is on, major cities are at its quietest as people either are gone for a big trip or return to their hometown to enjoy the day with their family. Every house, on this day, is required to put the national flag in front of the house. On television, related memorial programs or music shows performing victorious songs about the Vietnam War are broadcasted. Especially, in Ho Chi Minh City, in the beginning of the day, there are lines of parades coloring up main streets, with the participation of big crowds of people. Make sure to get up early, get dressed up and get in line to witness the celebration. 


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