The Novec 1230 fire extinguishing system

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Novec 1230 fire extinguishing system with fire extinguishant Novec offers optimal fire protection and is particularly suitable for electrical and electronic risks.
The Novec 1230 fire extinguishing system
1. Fire protection
1.1 System description
The Novec 1230 fire extinguishing system with fire extinguis- hant Novec™1230 offers optimal fire protection and is parti- cularly suitable for electrical and electronic risks. The system consists of one or more extinguishant cylinders, which are connected via a pipework with extinguishing nozzles.
The design of the system is adapted to the fire risk and the spatial conditions. Directly after a developing fire was re- cognised automatically by the fire detection system, the fire extinguishing system is triggered. After a short pre warning time the release of the extinguishant cylinders is carried out and the calculated fire extinguishant concentration is reached in the protected room after 10 seconds.
The residue-free operating extinguishant Novec™1230 has a high extinguishing effectiveness and environmental compatibility (Global Warming Potential GWP = 1, Ozone Depletion Potential ODP = 0). Further advantages are its high personal safety and the small storage volume.

1.2 The extinguishant Novec™ 1230
The Novec 1230 extinguishing agent reduces the heat of the fire and thus stops the combustion reaction. It is very efficient yet unaggressive at the same time.
The extinguishing agent is stored as a liquid and transforms into a gas only when it exits from the extinguishing nozzles. It therefore extinguishes, as a rule, even concealed fire sources instantaneously. The rapid extinguishing of a fire already in the nascent phase minimizes the fire damage and prevents long downtimes or business interruptions.
Furthermore, - unlike the case of water, foam or powder - secondary damage caused by the extinguishing agent itself is practically impossible. Novec 1230 is neither corrosive nor electrically conductive, leaves no residue and can easily be removed from the space concerned through ventilation.
novec 1230
Chemical formula of fire ex-tinguishant Novec 1230

Novec 1230 is, besides inert gases, the preferred extinguishing agent for electronic and electrical risks. Novec 1230 fire extinguishing systems already achieve their extinguishing effect at a substantially lower design concentration than that of inert gas extinguishing systems. This means that in the event of fire, less extinguishing agent must be introduced, which in turn makes it possible to implement shorter flooding periods. In addition, the pressure relief valve can be made significantly smaller, in most cases.
Furthermore, the comparatively small quantity required for use is stored in liquid form. This allows for extremely compact storage of the extinguishing agent. In addition, in the design concentration of Novec 1230 does not present any health hazard, which is why VSN 1230 installations are also suitable for areas that are accessed by people.
Novec 1230 fluid has the best environmental properties, compared to other gaseous chemical extinguishing agents. It does not produce any hazard for the ozone layer and has a very low global warming effect. Within a mere five days, it dissipates completely.

2. Structure and function
2.1 Single-zone systems
A pipework system installed with Novec 1230 extinguishing nozzles is installed in the protected space, while the dimension of the pipework, along with the number and layout of the extinguishing nozzles, is determined by the risk concerned and the specific local conditions. The extinguishing agent is stored in liquid form in special cylinders, where a nitrogen cushion is superimposed over the extinguishing agent and thus generates the operating pressure of 42 or 50 bar.
novec don vung 01

To protect smaller rooms, a single cylinder is often sufficient. Multi cylinder systems are used to protect larger rooms. Smoke detectors continuously monitor the extinguishing zone and send a signal to the fire detection and extinguishing control panel in the event of a fire. In the case of single-cylinder systems, the control panel then opens the electrical valve of the extinguishing agent cylinder to release the agent into the pipework. In the case of multi-cylinder systems, the first cylinder is electrically activated and through the nitrogen cushion in this first cylinder, the other cylinders are triggered pneumatically. At the same time the fire detection and extinguishing control panel triggers an audible and visual alarm, whereby persons present will be asked to leave the room.
At the same time, it transmits a signal to a permanently manned station. After expiry of a predetermined warning time, the extinguishing process starts: The extinguishing agent is carried through the pipework into the extinguishing zone within 10 seconds.

2.2 Multi-zone systems
Multi-zone systems are very similar to single-zone systems, except that they use a common stock of extinguishing agent to protect all rooms. In the event of a fire, the fire detection and extinguishing control panel controls specific selector valves. These valves release the extinguishing agent only into the extinguishing zones affected by the fire.
novec da vung 01

The required quantity of extinguishing agent is always calculated in relation to the largest protected space. If a smaller space is affected by the fire, only as much extinguishing agent as is required is released to extinguish the fire in this space.
Due to the reserve of extinguishing agent, the fire extinguishing capacity of the system is guaranteed even after the extinguishing system has been triggered - providing continuous, uninterrupted operation. 

3. Applications
Novec 1230 fire extinguishing systems are particularly suitable for the protection of spaces with electrical and electronic facilities, even if people are present in the premises.
ung dung cua he thong chua chay fm200 01
Application of Novec 1230 fire fighting system
Examples of use:
- Server rooms and other IT facilities
- Data archives
- Telecommunications equipment
- Control rooms and control stations
- Instrumentation and control rooms
- Electrical switch rooms
- Switchgear and distribution cabinets

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