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Discharge Nozzles Discharge Nozzles N-1HP, N-1LP, N-2HP, N-2LP, N-2W Buckeye Kitchen Mister Restaurant Suppression System 1.000 đ SoldOut
Misting type discharge nozzles have been specifically developed for appliance, duct, and plenum applications. Each nozzle has a predetermined flow point value and comes equipped with a blow-off cap to protect the end orifice from blockage. Each nozzle is identified by the model number stamped on the nozzle body and has a unique color band for easy visual identification. 
Model Number Flow Points Band Color 
N-1HP 1 Blue
N-1LP 1 Red
N-2HP 2 Green
N-2LP 2 Yellow
N-2W 2 White

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