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Tyco Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler TY3735 Tyco Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler TY3735 Tyco horizontal sidewall sprinkler TY3735 (Series DS-1) quick response (3 mm bulb) and Standard Coverage are decorative glass bulb automatic sprinklers designed for commercial use.
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TY3735 is typically used where:
+ Sprinklers and/or  a portion  of the connecting piping may be exposed to freezing temperatures (e.g., sprinkler drops  from wet systems into freezers, sprinkler sprigs from wet systems into unheated attics, or horizontal piping extensions through a building such as loading docks, over- hangs, and building exteriors)
+ Sprinklers are used on systems that are seasonably  drained  to  avoid freezing (e.g., vacation resort areas)
- Approvals: UL, C-UL, FM, VdS, LPCB & CE
- Maximum Working Pressure: 175 psi (12.1 bar)
- Discharge Coefficient: K = 5.6 GPM/psi½ (80,6 LPM/bar½
- Inlet Thread Connections: 3/4 inch NPT (DN20).
- Temperature Ratings
+ 135°F (57°C) bulb liquid color orange
+ 155°F (68°C) bulb liquid color red
+ 175°F (79°C) bulb liquid color yellow
+ 200°F (93°C bulb liquid color green
+ 286°F (141°C) bulb liquid color blue
- Finishes: natural brass, signal white (RAL9003) polyester, Chrome plated

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