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Tyco Pendent Sprinkler TY4231 Tyco Pendent Sprinkler TY4231 Tyco pendent sprinkler TY4231 Series TY-FRB) 8.0K is quick response, standard coverage, decorative 3 mm glass bulb-type spray sprinklers designed for use in light or ordinary hazard, commercial occupancies such as banks, hotels, and shopping malls.
P000043 Standard Spray Sprinklers 1.000 đ SoldOut
- Approvals: UL, C-UL, FM, LPCB & NYC.
- Maximum Working Pressure: 175 psi (12,1 bar)
- Discharge Coefficient: K=8.0 gpm/psi½  (115,2 lpm/bar½)
- Sprinkler joint ¾ in. NPT (DN20)
- Finishes: natural brass, pure white (RAL9010) polyester, signal white (RAL9003) polyester, jet black (RAL9005) polyester, lead coated, chrome plated

- Temperature Ratings:
+ 135°F (57°C) bulb liquid color orange
+ 155°F (68°C) bulb liquid color red
+ 175°F (79°C) bulb liquid color yellow
+ 200°F (93°C bulb liquid color green
+ 286°F (141°C) bulb liquid color blue
- TY4231 is intended for use in areas with a finished ceiling. This recessed pendent sprinkler uses one of the following:
+ A two-piece Style 40 Recessed Escutcheon with 1/2 inch (12,7 mm) of recessed adjustment or up to 3/4 inch (19,1 mm) of total adjustment from the flush pendent position
+ A two-piece Style 30 Recessed Escutcheon with 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) of recessed adjustment or up to 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) of total adjustment from the flush pendent position.
The adjustment provided by the Recessed Escutcheon reduces the accuracy to which the fixed pipe drops to the sprinklers must be cut.
- Corrosion resistant coatings, where applicable, are utilized to extend the life of copper alloy sprinklers beyond that which would otherwise be obtained when exposed to corrosive atmospheres.

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