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Upright Flat Spray Sprinkler TY3136 Upright Flat Spray Sprinkler TY3136 Upright Flat Spray Sprinkler TY3136 (Model TY-FRFS) 80 K-factor are rated Quick response. P000435 Special Sprinklers 1.000 đ SoldOut
 - Intended for installation in accordance with CEA 4001 Sprinkler Systems Planning and Installation or EN12845 Automatic Sprinkler Systems – Design, Installation and Maintenance, as applicable. They produce a flatter spray pattern than standard spray sprinklers, enabling them to be used with lower clearance above the suspended open ceilings and in racks.
- As necessary the K80, Flat Spray Sprinklers may be outfitted with guards, shields, or guards with shields.
- Approvals: VdS; CEA 4001; EN12845; LBCP
- Maximum Working Pressure: 175 psi (12,1 bar)
- Discharge Coefficient: K=80 lpm/bar1/2
- Inlet Thread Connection: 1/2 inch NPT  
- Temperature Ratings:
+ 135°F (57°C) bulb liquid color orange
+ 155°F (68°C) bulb liquid color red
+ 175°F (79°C) bulb liquid color yellow
+ 200°F (93°C bulb liquid color green
+ 286°F (141°C) bulb liquid color blue
- Finish:
+ Sprinklers: Natural Brass
+ Guards: Red Painted / Zinc Chromate
+ Shields: Zinc Chromate

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